Meet Steve Glazer

Ten years ago, Steve Glazer was shot in the neck by a high-powered pellet rifle while driving with his family. The .17-caliber projectile just missed his carotid artery and lodged next to his spine. The perpetrator was caught but never charged with a crime because pellet guns were classified as toys in the criminal code.

After recovering from his injury, Steve worked with then-Senator Tom Torlakson to author legislation establishing penalties for pellet-gun attacks. This incident sparked Steve’s involvement in Orinda local government, where he won a seat on the City Council in 2004, served twice as Mayor, and was re-elected in 2008 and 2012. Throughout his terms Steve has focused on improving infrastructure, public services, and local schools -- while ensuring government fiscal accountability.

At the state level, Steve’s public policy efforts span three decades and include landmark achievements in the areas of conservation, public safety, affordable housing, and fiscal reform.

 • Missing Children: As an Assembly aide in the 1980s, Steve created the program that placed pictures of missing children on milk cartons, grocery bags, and billboards -- an initiative credited with finding more than one dozen children.

• Affordable Housing: Steve organized campaigns that provided billions of dollars for homeless shelters and affordable housing, as well as residences for abused women and foster children.

• Open Space Preservation: Working on open space preservation measures, Steve helped permanently protect thousands of acres of California land from development.

• Advisor to Governor Brown: Steve served as an advisor to Governor Brown, helping him successfully tackle California’s difficult budgetary and fiscal challenges.

Steve Glazer has received numerous awards and recognition for his volunteerism and professional endeavors. He currently serves as California State University Trustee and member of the Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority Board.  Steve also runs a successful small business, advising landowners, environmental organizations, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Steve is married to Melba Muscarolas, an AT&T executive. They have two daughters. Steve earned a bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University where he served as Student Body President.