Glazer Announces Support for State Legislation Banning Transit Strikes

Orinda, CA -- Orinda City Council Member and State Assembly candidate Steve Glazer announced today (September 20, 2013) his support for state legislation that would prevent public transit workers from striking.

“We are now a few weeks away from the BART strike deadline. A strike will cripple our economy, hurt workers getting to their jobs, and limit access to schools and health care facilities. This is wrong.

“I support state legislation to prohibit public transportation workers from striking.

“Strike bans exist in other states. Transit systems in New York, Massachusetts, Chicago and Washington have restrictions against strikes.

“The impact of a strike against a regional transit system like BART will be felt across the state.  This is not an issue that should be in the hands of individual transit boards. We need a statewide law prohibiting transportation strikes.

“I urge the BART board and the unions to quickly settle their differences; protecting worker health and safety while eliminating this threat to the economic health of our region.”